Advocating for Children

Advocating for Children

Children need strong advocates in their community, state and nation to be their voice and stand for their protection against abuse. Throughout the state and nation, there are many ways you can become involved as an advocate for children! A great local way to become involved is to volunteer with our CAC. Click here to request information on becoming a volunteer with our center. Below are some additional resources to get you started on your personal advocacy journey.

Advocacy Across Pennsylvania

Statewide, nonprofit, membership association of individual CACs in the state; promotes and supports CAC development, growth, and continuation

Statewide, nonprofit organization that develops, advocates for, and provides training for CASA programs across Pennsylvania

Calls on leaders at state and national levels to adopt policies supporting goals of education, financial stability, health, and community strengthening

Nonprofit aiming to promote community responsibility so every Pennsylvania child is protected from child abuse

Advocacy Across the Nation

By holding elected leaders accountable, we are helping kids from birth to age 5 survive and thrive

Strengthening society through the expansion of opportunities for low-income parents to protect and support their children

Leads and engages network of public and private agencies to advance policies, practices, and strategies that result in better outcomes for children, youth, and families

Advocacy organization dedicated to ending child abuse and neglect by advocating for better laws and protections

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